On behalf of Eagle Genomics, GT is looking for a Data Science Lead to join their R&D hub in Krakow. You will be leading a data science team and working in the fields of microbiology, sustainable agriculture, food, personal care, and cosmetics, using the latest technologies to enable data-driven discovery.

By joining Eagle Genomics, you will become part of a global community united on a mission to radically shift science-led innovation, collaborating with some of the world’s most exciting blue-chip companies. Working at the intersection of two exciting areas: life sciences and data science, using cutting-edge technologies they are reinventing research, enabling data-driven discovery, and unlocking meaningful change in the fields of agriculture, food, pharma, personal care, and cosmetics, their Network Science platform drives novel microbiome insights in ever more accessible, intelligent and relevant ways. Through the blend of scientific expertise, advanced AI, and a genuinely curious and free-thinking culture Eagle Genomics empowers breakthrough possibilities in the true life-changing areas of study.

If you are passionate about data, ML/AI, experiments, prototype development, and innovations, join the team and help us change what it means to do real science and drive innovations.

We are looking for a person who:

  • Experienced collaborative leader able to work across the organization and build partnerships with key stakeholders to co-create solutions and deliver on objectives
  • History of aligning solutions to a client and product focus.
  • Experience working with geographically distributed teams.
  • Background in scaling global organizations from the start-up phase.
  • Experience in developing early-stage prototypes within a product roadmap and moving through a lifecycle to production.
  • Strong understanding of product lifecycle, agile methodologies, and prototyping test and learn approaches.
  • Good generalist technology background with wide experience in software engineering.
  • Flexible leader, comfortable with some of the ambiguity and fluidity of early-stage development and experimentation who also understands product methodology and can take an idea from germination through to the point where it can be passed to a product engineering team to be built and scaled.
  • Must have experience in developing iterative capability on a fail-fast basis, ideally in the development of a data-centric technology product.
  • Understands the relationship between Engineering/Data Science and customer/organizational requirements
  • Can provide input and help drive thought leadership as part of a developing strategy for the area into the strategy

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Your Main Responsibilities:

  • Team leading within engineering to build a series of data capabilities on an experimental basis to solve some critical and complex problems faced by Eagle Genomics. 
  • Liaise with leadership in Eagle Genomics to understand the nature of each problem and ensure that the team is appropriately aligned and focused on developing appropriate prototypes.
  • Regular dialogue and feedback with team members and leadership to understand when a particular experiment or innovation can proceed to the next stage or to cancel and restart if the outcome is not as expected.
  • Transition late-stage experimental functionality to the product engineering team with the appropriate levels of detail and documentation for it to be built and hardened into production within the Eagle Genomics product platform.
  • Managing, aligning, and allocation of resources to deliver departmental and company strategy
  • Sharing knowledge and experience to coach and develop team members


  • Strong understanding of engineering architecture, product lifecycle, agile methodologies, and prototyping test and lean approaches.
  • Experience solutioning in data science including statistics and data engineering.
  • Experience collaborating with multiple stakeholders in a multinational environment.
  • Incredible problem-solving abilities.
  • Ability to influence a broad stakeholder group
  • Effective communication skills
  • Commitment to self-development and continuous improvement
  • Self-aware leader who priorities the needs of the company
  • Ability to give and receive constructive criticism.
  • Ability to create a set of qualifications for a new product.
  • Curiosity and a learning mindset.
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, math, or equivalent.
  • Proficiency in English (both verbal and written).


  • High-level experience in cloud architectures.
  • Experience in relevant business verticals, life science, agriscience, genomics, biotech, or similar

Interview Stages:

  1. GT Recruiter Screening.
  2. Interview with Data Science Director.
  3. Team interview.
  4. Reference Check
  5. People Team interview.

What you will love about Eagle Genomics:

  • Working for impact. Teaming up with smart and engaging people united by a shared purpose.
  • Collaborating with industry-shaping clients to tackle complex, real-world challenges, sparking discoveries that impact the world around us.
  • Be an active part of our growth story with the freedom to test, learn, experiment, and explore new ideas.
  • Openness. Our monthly All Hands meetings bring our global teams together and encourage discussion.
  • The opportunity to lead, learn and grow with continuous encouragement, professional development, and support.

Flexible working:

Our roles offer flexible working practices that support your, and the team’s, best delivery. We have co-working spaces in London, Cambridge, Berlin, Paris, Kyiv, Manhattan, and Hyderabad.

Diversity, equity & inclusion:

We strive to create and foster a working environment where everyone is free to be themselves. A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is in our DNA and spans everything we do, including our recruitment process.

We go beyond usual perks… By working with us, you will get:

  • Monthly education allowance for courses, training, books, and events.
  • Best-in-class IT equipment.
  • Lunches coverage.
  • Mentorship club from GT executives.
  • Internal team-building events every month.
  • Lectures from experts.
  • Vacation, and sick leaves.
  • Health insurance.
  • Mindfulness sessions.

Working Model:

GT builds remote engineering teams for outstanding product companies. Our future mate will work directly with Eagle Genomics. We call this the ‘Extended Team model’, and it means that each team member is integrated as deeply as possible into the client's team.

You will work with the same tools and technologies as they do and communicate directly with a client without any intermediary in between. We also encourage trips to a client and joint teambuilding and after-work activities.

Meet the recruiter: