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Data Engineer

Full-Time in Kyiv, UA - Senior

Holovis - is one of the world's leading authorities in employing immersive virtual and augmented reality solutions enabling its clients to deploy the most memorable, cost-effective and innovative solutions.

They also specialize in helping clients to envision products, environments, and solutions before committing to capital investment.

This is an experiential design company specializing in the creation of immersive and mixed reality solutions to engage audiences, take them on transformative journeys and deliver powerful messaging. Holovis does this with the unique multi-sensory technology and builds some of the world’s most advanced visualization and software solutions for Enterprise sectors including automotive, aerospace and construction.

Holovis applies their expertise to a diverse range of industries; from the Enterprise Sector for automotive, aerospace, training, simulation, construction and manufacturing solutions; to the Attractions Sector for scalable turn-key Dark Rides, Motion-based attractions, media and real-time gaming solutions and gamification technology for applications in theme parks, family entertainment centres, museums and visitor experiences.

About You:

  • Bachelor’s or advanced degree in a relevant discipline e.g. Computer Science
  • Demonstrable expertise in the design, development and implementation of enterprise scale ‘big data’ data platforms, preferably utilising the Cloudera CDH Hadoop distribution
  • Experience in the installation and design of Hadoop Clusters (CDH)
  • Expertise in the design of hardware specifications and demand based storage/processing estimation
  • Good general data management and modelling experience, confident in your understanding of the appropriate concepts relevant to database design and administration
  • Installation, maintenance and administration of distributed Data Platforms (Hadoop Eco-system/Cloudera/Hortonworks dist.)
  • Linux administration & shell scripting
  • IT infrastructure design and data pipeline architecture expertise
  • T-SQL skills and a good understanding of data management principles
  • Programming skills (C,JAVA,Python,etc.)
  • Network configuration and webserver/HTTP knowledge
  • Git/Bitbucket

Key Responsibilities:

  • Meet and exceed KPIs
  • Deliver against the Critical Success Factors
  • Attain subject matter expert status on relevant data systems and data sources within Holovis and our target markets/disciplines
  • Create custom solutions and IP that support the provision of data storage and processing, BI reporting, Analytics and ML/AI products and services
  • Responsible for the administration, maintenance and performance of Holovis Data Platform implementations
  • Work with the Data Innovation Manager to create and maintain a Holovis data and analytics technology roadmap
  • Work with Data Scientist(s) and other appropriate individuals to capture technical and performance requirements
  • Responsible for supporting the organization in Proof of Concept, R&D and Pre-sales activities through provision of demonstration products and peripheral, instrument and/or technology integrations
  • Work with the Data Innovation Manager to create a standard data schema interface within Holovis e.g. XML/AVRO/JSON
  • Responsible for producing and maintaining documentation relevant to the Data Platform

Job Purpose:

The role is to support the design, development and implementation of the Holovis Data Platform. This will involve utilizing distributed storage and processing systems including but not limited to:

  • Cloudera CDH Hadoop distribution
  • Impala Kudu
  • Kafka based data processing (streaming)
  • Sqoop/Streamsets for batch and real-time data pipelines
  • Apache Spark

The Data Platform will provide the foundation for the BI, Analytics and ML/AI services and products Holovis wishes to provide to our clients. The Data Platform system must therefore be secure, scalable, flexible and system portable

How will you work?

You will work directly with a client through our Extended Team model. We try to do things differently and put our efforts to integrate you as deeply as possible into the client’s team. You work with the same tools and technologies as they do and are managed directly by a client without any intermediary in between. We help you build relationships and create an environment where you genuinely feel like a member of the client’s team. Our clients usually come for a week each month and spend a lot of time with the team in Kyiv. We also encourage trips to a client and joint teambuildings and after-work activities. Our Extended Team model is focused on long-term projects that last over several years.