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Mobile Team Lead

Full-Time in Kyiv, UA - Senior

is a stealth-mode startup building environmentally-positive transportation options for parts of the world not currently served. Our team of Silicon Valley veterans plus locals from the areas we operate in believe we can build solutions that improve people’s lives while simultaneously benefiting the environment.

Beeboop is looking for a Mobile Team Lead for our iOS and Android applications. You’ll be responsible for leading the team in developing the architecture of our apps, building and tracking the schedule, and driving QA. As our iOS and Android applications will have similar functionality, you will be a bridge between the two platform teams and determine where we can share resources & designs (while still making apps that are true to their respective platforms).

Being lead of a remote team means you’ll be responsible for day-to-day decisions and leadership so that we don’t lose valuable time due to time zone differences and the team won’t be blocked waiting on an answer from the “home office”. You’ll work very closely with the engineering and UX/UI teams in California to ensure you have everything you need to be successful.

Ideally, you’ll be an active code contributor to both the iOS and Android apps, but familiarity with just one platform is OK.

Salary: €4200-€4800


  • 5+ years of experience with iOS and Android mobile app development - building, shipping, and maintaining commercial iOS/Android applications. You may be more experienced on one platform versus the other, that’s fine
  • Deep understanding of modern mobile application architecture
  • Strong background in at least one of Objective-C, Swift, Java, or Kotlin
  • Experience with location-based and map-centric mobile applications and the associated iOS/Android APIs
  • Experience integrating mobile applications to back-end data services, especially async communications
  • Experience with automated testing and other product reliability techniques
  • Keen UX/UI skills and experience working with UI/UX designers
  • Experience leading a team of software engineers and mobile projects
  • Experience executing at least one software development methodology such as Agile/Scrum/Kanban and Waterfall


  • Lead day-to-day management of a team of iOS and Android developers and QA
  • Define the architecture and technology frameworks for mobile development on iOS and Android
  • Stay on top of the best practices in mobile development utilizing them as appropriate
  • Work closely with Engineering and UX/UI teams in California
  • Drive the development process to build and maintain the schedule

How will you work?

You will work directly with a client through our Extended Team model. We try to do things differently and put our efforts to integrate you as deeply as possible into the client's team. You work with the same tools and technologies as they do and are managed directly by a client without any intermediary in between. We help you build relationships and create an environment where you genuinely feel like a member of the client's team. Our clients usually come for a week each month and spend a lot of time with the team in Kyiv. We also encourage trips to a client and joint teambuilding and after-work activities. Our Extended Team model is focused on long-term projects that last over several years.